About the Helping Israel Fund

The Helping Israel Fund was started in 2006 as an overseas initiative to support Israel-based organizations assisting members of the Israel Defense Forces. The mission of the Helping Israel Fund is to raise funds for organizations that have a valuable contribution to the security and safety of Israel. It does so through a variety of charity events and fundraising campaigns. Organizations and projects sponsored by the Helping Israel Fund are carefully selected, ensuring that funds raised have an optimal impact and go to projects with minimal to no administrative fees.


Organizations supported by the Helping Israel Fund include:

…and other organizations whose projects align with our mission, such as: Ascent, Beit Almog, Chayal la Chayal, Garin Tzabar, the Lone Soldier Center, Or Me’Ophir, Thanking Israeli Soldiers, and United Hatzalah.
Many other organizations have been vetted. The Helping Israel Fund chooses to support organizations whose projects align with our mission.

Our Work

Visit our campaigns page to learn more about the important work the Helping Israel Fund has undertaken to support Israel.

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