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The primary purpose of Helping Israel Fund is to raise money to supply vital non-military items to the brave men and women serving to defend Israel.  Donations and the net proceeds from events are directed to multiple worthy organizations and are designated for projects without any or minimal administrative fees associated with them.

Board Chairman

  • Glen R. Golish, President, Golish Financial Group, LLC

Members of the Board

  • Gil Attia, Owner,  Elie’s Fine Jewelry
  • Alan Berger, Realtor, IPO Realty
  • Dr. Hillel D. Cohen, MD
  • Rick Dorfman
  • Eitan Esan, Financial Advisor, Kaufman Katz Group, Morgan Stanley
  • Roger Gladstone Esq.,  Senior Partner, Gladstone Law Group, P.A.
  • Benjamin  Henschel P.A., President, RPM Ovesight
  • Chani Henschel, former IDF soldier
  • Philip  Landau Esq.,  Partner, Shraiberg, Ferrara & Landau, P.A.
  • Dr. Isaac Levy, MD
  • Ziva Levy, former IDF soldier; Marriage & Family Therapist
  • Mrs. Billi Marcus, The Billi Marcus Foundation
  • Matthew H. Maschler, Esq., P.C.
  • Dr. Steven Melman, VMD, Founder, DermaZoo
  • James Orleans
  • Aron Schoenfeld
  • Moshe Yarimi
  • Michael Zimmerman