Hareidi Lone Soldier Fund

Many¬†supporters of Israel are familiar with the concept of “lone soldiers” – those who are living in Israel without a family to support them. However, the subgroup of those who immigrate to Israel and leave behind loving families is what generally comes to mind when speaking of lone soldiers.

Less known are those Hareidi (ultra-Orthodox) volunteers who face ideological opposition from their family members and friends as a result of their decision to enlist. Some of them are abandoned by and estranged from their own parents as a result.

David (name changed) is a typical case. He decided to serve the country by enlisting. His parents threw him out of the house as soon as they heard. Notices were put up all throughout his ultra-Orthodox neighborhood, warning residents to stay away from David. With his family out of the picture, and with him unwelcome in his own neighborhood, David had nowhere to go, and no support system to help him through his army service.

We support such soldiers, men and women, in any way we can. We rent and furnish apartments for their use while on leave from the army. We provide them with food on the weekends and on holidays, and make sure their laundry is taken care of. Most importantly, we are there for them whenever they need it.

Show your support for the hareidi lone soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces by donating to the Helping Israel Fund today!