The Needy Soldier Fund

A large number of soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. Military service is already a difficult experience for soldiers, but for those who come from indigent families, there are even more challenges. These needy soldiers are unable to bring their own basic supplies, such as warm socks or deodorant, and many have to work when on leave just to be able to afford food for themselves and their families.

The Helping Israel Fund supports the needy soldiers of Israel, helping them so that they can protect Israel with dignity. Through our Needy Soldiers Fund, the Helping Israel Fund sponsors a variety of projects supporting needy soldiers.

Projects within the Needy Soldiers Fund include:

  • Provision of on-base supply closets filled with basic necessities for needy soldiers.
  • Distribution of hair cutting equipment to provide soldiers with free haircuts.
  • Distribution of supermarket credit for soldiers to purchase food for themselves and their families.
  • Distribution of holiday food packages for the soldiers on leave and their families.

Show your support for the needy soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces by donating to the Helping Israel Fund today!